Classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the study of the great books and the liberal arts in order to pass on and preserve Western civilization.
— Martin Cothran

There are many ways to define Classical Education. The quote above is just one. On this page you will find many links to websites, articles, books, and videos that will help you to understand what a classical education is and why it is the kind of education every child deserves.

I would have them study not only languages and history, but also singing and music, together with the whole of mathematics.
— Martin Luther, To the Councilmen in All Cities of Germany

The Lutheran Church from its beginning has taken a keen interest in promoting and providing this kind of education, not only for the sake of its own children and the passing on of the Christian faith, but also for the sake of the good of society, culture, and good government. For 25 years, Trinity operated an elementary school in El Paso, and we now seek to continue the heritage of supporting Christian education, both in the home and in Christian schools.





“You parents cannot prepare a more dependable treasure for your children than an education in the liberal arts.”
— Martin Luther